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Our focus

Quality Ingredients

We use only fresh and high quality ingredients in each one of our signature flavors. Unlike many of our competitors, we want to stay away from using powder and icky additives like high fructose corn syrup. SNOWLAB is proud to introduce only natural flavors made from fresh and, whenever possible, local ingredients. Start out trying traditional fruit flavors or venture out and create your own flavor combinations. We are here to help you craft the perfect combination.

Vegan Friendly

SNOWLAB believes in setting a high standard with each and every shaved snow cup that we serve. In doing so, we focus on providing tasty frozen desserts without the use of dairy products. By using soy milk as the base, it allows for every flavor to have a creamy texture that’s not too icy. Both of our Co-Founders are lactose intolerant and they felt strongly about providing an option that delights their palette but also suit their dietary needs.

Customer Service

We want our customers to have the best experience when they are enjoying the shaved snow. We are here to help you fall in love at first bite and building long lasting relationships is not just a goal but a promise. We strive to give our customers the best tasting shaved snow they have ever tasted.

What is shaved snow? Originated in Taiwan, also known as xue hua bing (雪花冰), shaved snow is a creamy ribbon-like dessert.

About US

We want to offer vegan friendly and quality shaved snow

SNOWLAB will be serving shaved snow that is made with the highest quality ingredients. Customers will be able to customize their toppings on fine and fluffy shaved snow that will melt upon contact in your mouth. We are proud to be the first to introduce Colorado to West Coast’s hottest desserts. SNOWLAB will be the first of its kind to deliver an alternative to ice cream and frozen yogurt that can be enjoyed guilt-free. Prepare yourself for a new and refreshing dessert experience that will leave you craving more!

  • Taste

    We make sure it's delicious and that all of our flavors are made with REAL and NATURAL ingredients.

  • Vegan and Dairy Free

    All the base of our shaved snow will be non dairy. Vegans and those who are lactose intolerant can enjoy eating some great tasting desserts.

  • Customer Experience

    We make sure you are enjoying our product in a unique environment, connected to the fastest Wi-Fi, and experience the greatest customer service provided by our staff.

Our Team

Daniel Huynh
Daniel Huynh, savvy businessman, CU-Boulder grad and co-founder of SNOWLAB. After working in finance, he followed his dream to build on his two passions in life, food and fitness. He is thrilled to introduce this revolutionary snow dessert to Denver. Good food and good service is his motto.
Augusto Guerrero
Augusto Guerrero, connoisseur of food, former bank manager, and co-founder of SNOWLAB. He discovered his passion for food at a young age in his abuela’s kitchen. This mastermind behind the recipes of SNOWLAB is ecstatic to continuously roll out new flavors. Listen to your tummy is his motto.


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