Answers to the Most Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is SNOWLAB a franchise?
    • SNOWLAB is a Colorado product and we are NOT a franchise.
  • Is there dairy in our shaved snow?
    • Nope, we use soy milk as the base for most of our flavors.  Both of the co-owners are lactose-intolerant.  Also, we’re working on a dairy-free condensed milk.
  • Who owns this place?greentea&thaitea
    • The two co-owners are Daniel and Augusto.
  • Who did your Super Mario mural and other artwork?
    • We love supporting our local artist, Caotime.
  • What are popping bobas?
    • They are tapioca pearls with juices inside that pops when you bite into them.
  • Where can I park if I don’t want to park in the front?
    • You can find parking next to us (at the Crossfit gym) or on two of the side streets (Birch and Bellaire).  We apologize and we understand our
      front parking is a little tricky to get in and out.