Co-Owners’ Friendship and How SNOWLAB Came About

Night Market in Vietnam

Daniel and Augusto met through a mutual friend about 7 years ago.  They always hung out and traveled with the same group of friends.  Being big foodies, they discovered shaved snow on a vacation trip to California and literally had it every single day while being over there.  It was just that good.


Joe’s Kansas City BBQ

Daniel, Augusto and another good friend had planned to permanently move out to California in early 2014.  The two missed that opportunity when the other friend backed out.  With that, Daniel and Augusto decided to stay in Colorado and bring the dessert to Denver.


Hanoi, Vietnam

Being Denver natives, they wanted to stick to the Colorado theme by making it with real and natural ingredients (rather than powder).  Being able to travel and eat at various restaurants, Daniel and Augusto knew what they wanted to see in their shop.  Putting themselves in the customers’ shoes, they wanted to be

Class 302, Irvine, CA

Class 302 in California

able to deliver not only a great product but the BEST customer service to everyone who walks in.  That’s only one of the main core values that they truly believed in.  With careful planning, they were able to get a lot of help and support from friends and family members.  SNOWLAB was finally created and the rest was history.