Interviewing Questions with the Co-Owners, Augusto and Daniel

What is your culinary background?

A: None. I researched places that I liked and heard good things about both in person and online. YouTube has also placed a major role in how I approach new recipes.

D: Augusto and I both do not know how to cook.  We researched online and tweak our recipes accordingly when it comes to making each flavor.

What is your favorite thing about your career?

A: I get to interact with customers in a relaxed environment with no pressure of any kind. I like to hear feedback as much as possible and develop that into business relations.

D: My favorite thing about being an entrepreneur is the ability to wear many hats.  You’re not confined to one job and you have to have a general knowledge of everything you do.  I am challenged way more often when a unique problem arises.

What made you choose this location?

A: Close proximity to a major university (University of Denver), The most transited street in Colorado (Colorado Blvd), major accessibility (from the highway I-25, LightRail, neighborhood walk, Evans Ave)

D:The location was based on a few factors: we wanted to be close to our target demographics (students), to stay near Colorado Blvd (77k cars/day) since it’s the busiest street in Denver, to be close to the highway making us accessible for everyone near or far and being in close proximity of the light rail.

What do you envision for the future?

A: I see SNOWLAB being a pioneer in the food/dessert market in Colorado. New trends that include extended hours of operation for business, innovation in desserts, atmosphere and approach-ability to business owners. When we decided to start out SNOWLAB I wanted to be known in the community and build relations that would get us into new markets and new networking circles.

D: I see SNOWLAB as the pioneer for bringing trendy desserts/eats to Colorado.

Do you plan on expanding your business?

A: Eventually yes, the plan is to have a strong presence in Colorado and expand to new states. We want to have many more shops open to be more accessible to people.

D: Of course.  We plan on having multiple locations in the near future.  I want us to have a food truck to cater events and participate in farmers markets.  Eventually, I want to see SNOWLAB’s shaved snow being served in restaurants.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

A: Being open and seeing our dream come to life. Its been a year in the making and being able to do what we envisioned is very gratifying.

D: Our proudest accomplishment is being able to open SNOWLAB.  Nothing beats all the hard work in trying to plan out a year’s worth of work and putting out the labor to get the shop up and going.

What do you find most enjoyable?

A: Customers, it’s because of customers that we are still in business and our reviews show that we are doing the right things and sticking to our core values.

D: The most enjoyable experience for me is being able to talk to the customers.  I want to provide them with not only the best shaved snow they ever had but also the best customer experience.  I’ve been in their shoes so I know what I want to see in a dessert shop.

What parts of your job do you find most challenging?

A: Bringing in new customers.

D: The most challenging part right now is how do we get people into our door who knows nothing about our product?  It’s another challenge for us to open during the winter time.

How would you describe your business culture?

A: Strong, I used to be a bank manager tat required to know every single position, resource, trend, partner, source of profit and how to be profitable, sales, customer service, building loyalty and cross selling to name a few.

D: We have a strong business culture here at SNOWLAB.  We do our best to make sure our employees are happy working here in order to work well together.  We share the same values and goals in order to take SNOWLAB to the next level.

What are your business values?

A: Provide great customer service, high grade ingredients/shaved snow, integrity and use as much Colorado products as possible to support Colorado businesses like us.

D: By offering a healthy alternative to ice cream and frozen yogurt and using only the best quality ingredients to make our shaved snow.  We value customer service as we’ve been on the other side countless times.  Supporting the local community is a priority for us so we try our best to source locally.

Do you participate in local events, fundraisers, etc?

A: SNOWLAB has been in a few community events such as Dragon Boat Festival and Yelp Elite events. We want to participate more but it’s hard at the moment since we don’t have staff and we are open six days a week.

D: We have participated in the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival and the Yelp event.  Fundraising and charity events will definitely happen in the near future.

What is your favorite flavor?

A: Thai Tea, Tamarind, Avocado. It’s hard to pick just one.

D: My personal favorite right now is avocado, Thai tea and Pistachio.  It’s so light and delicious.

Where do you find inspiration for new flavors?

A: Childhood memories, travels that I have done, trendy businesses and online research.

D: Mainly what we see in new trends and of course from our childhood.