Interviewing Questions with the Co-Owners, Augusto and Daniel

What is your culinary background? A: None. I researched places that I liked and heard good things about both in person and online. YouTube has also placed a major role in how I approach new recipes. D: Augusto and I both do not know how to cook.  We researched online and tweak our recipes accordingly[…]

SNOWLAB’s Secret Menu Items

Aside from making delicious Taiwanese shaved ice, we like to introduce a couple of items where you can only find my following us on social media.  Some of these items include our homemade honey ginger mochis, coconut cabana tea with sea salt cream, and almond flavor shaved snow. We like to reward our followers by introducing[…]

Co-Owners’ Friendship and How SNOWLAB Came About

Daniel and Augusto met through a mutual friend about 7 years ago.  They always hung out and traveled with the same group of friends.  Being big foodies, they discovered shaved snow on a vacation trip to California and literally had it every single day while being over there.  It was just that good. Daniel, Augusto and[…]

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What is Shaved Snow? Denver’s Newest Dessert And Ice Cream Shop Explains

When Denverites think of the word “snow,” they probably start imagining trips out to a ski resort and that fresh powder of the first run of the day. The fact of the matter, however, is that “shaved snow” will soon evoke something else entirely: an emerging trend in dessert options, and something which is primed[…]